Holiday Hypermarket reports surge in UK tourists enjoying affordable luxury in Dubai

Long considered the playground of the rich and famous, the coastal city of Dubai has been enjoying a surge in interest from tourists. UK travel retailer Holiday Hypermarket has only recently added Dubai to their extensive list of holiday destinations, but the number of bookings to the city is already exceeding expectations.

In 2015 the area welcomed a staggering 14.3 million visitors, up by more than a million on 2014 figures. According to the Dubai Statistics Centre, the UK continues to place 3rd in the list of visitors by nationality.

“Dubai brings with it a sense of wonder and the opportunity to venture into the unknown”, explains Holiday Hypermarket representative Ian Crawford. “It’s becoming increasingly clear that Dubai isn’t solely reserved for the rich and famous. With a wealth of unique architecture to explore and soaring temperatures year round, it’s proving to be a popular destination for travellers of all ages”.

Families can experience a wide range of activities in Dubai, in fact it’s almost impossible to find yourself at a loss for something to do. Acres of white sand beach lines the coast and the shopping here really is second to none. There’s plenty of futuristic architecture to marvel at too, including the worlds tallest skyscraper – the Burj Khalifa – standing at over 800 meters.

Younger children are just as well catered for. Dubai is considered to be amongst the safest cities in the world and dedicated kids clubs can be found at many of its most popular attractions. The city is also home to the world’s largest aquarium and underwater zoo, the likes of which promise to keep the whole family entertained.

There’s certainly no denying the essence of luxury here. It’s fair to assume that one of the reasons behind Dubai’s increasing popularity is a desire from holidaymakers to experience a taste of the high life. There are plenty of novelties to discover, from Lamborghini police cars to ATM machines that dispense real gold.

Considering Dubai’s wealth, it’s easy to see why the city is so often linked to a sense of exclusivity. “There are actually a wide range of accommodation options in Dubai, with packages to suit almost every budget” explains Crawford. “With direct flight times averaging 7 hours, we’re seeing a significant rise in interest from families keen to experience the magic of a long haul destination without committing to an longer journey”.