Hidden Bulgaria

Once you have made the decision to take an all-inclusive holiday, all you need to decide on is the location you want to visit. Of course, a beach holiday can be a fantastic choice, but many holidaymakers also want something else from their time away. Bulgaria can be a fantastic choice for a holiday location as it has a wide variety of cultural heritage, incredible nature, as well as very relaxing beaches.

The Balkan Peninsula has a great deal of history and when you see the area you will understand why it has been so fought over in the past. It is located right between the worlds of the East and West and it is a location with a great many all-inclusive resorts. Furthermore, the country has four distinct seasons and it can be good to visit at any time of year.

The beaches in the area are stunning and there are hotels and restaurants nearby them. As well as beautiful beaches, the seaside towns are very intriguing. Many of them are full of ancient heritage and stunning architecture dating back thousands of years.

For those who are interested in water sports, there are plenty of activities that can be done on the Black Sea. If you are interested in windsurfing then there are plenty of places where you can hire the gear, and it is also possible to rent a jet ski.

For more inland activities, there is fantastic hiking around the area’s mountains. Whatever time of year you visit you are sure to be able to see some of the countries fantastic nature. The Seven Rila Lakes are a perfect destination for hiking and you will be able to take some stunning photographs in the area.

There are a great number of sacred sites in Bulgaria where buildings have simply been left untouched and visitors will be amazed by how preserved some locations are. One of the most fascinating attractions is the Roman amphitheatre which can be found in Plovdiv town. Bulgaria has a huge amount for any visitor and you will be wonderfully surprised by what an enjoyable time you have in this country.