Halifax app makes picking a holiday destination easy

Sick and tired of working hour after hour, ready to just take off and enjoy the sun but not sure where to do it and how to pay for it. Halifax has just what you need to stay within your budget and get the most out of your vacation time. Take advantage of the Halifax Travel Money Matchmaker to find the travel destination that is best suited to your interests and to your pocketbook that will give you the much needed relaxation you deserve.

The application, on Facebook, will give you a personalized travel itinerary by taking all the pertinent information that you have on your profile page that may include music you like, books you have read, other apps you have used sports you enjoy and places you have visited or like.

It will then put all that information into a salad spinner and once it is finished tossing it about a destination that best suits your budget, interests and likes will be handed to you on a silver platter. Well not quite a silver platter, but at least it gives you your best option.

The process is quite cool, easy to get through and in fact will give you the best destination that suits you. What is even better, if you have listed a significant other in your information on your Facebook profile then if will also take that other into consideration in order to give the best destination for the two of you.

The app, once you approve the destination, will give you a summary about why the this destination is suited to your personality followed by hotel that fit your needs, places to eat that fit your profile, where the best places to drink are located and places to see and visit while you are in the city or country that was chosen for you by the Halifax Travel Money Matchmaker.

You can check out the app here  – http://apps.facebook.com/halifaxmatchmaker/

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Halifax.