Greenwich Village in NYC

A place with a great reputation in New York City is Greenwich Village and it’s a place where both visitors and residents go to make a day or evening of enjoyment. It is known as an avant garde place nevertheless it has lost a bit, in recent years, of its Bohemian feel.

Now it consists of mainly upper middle class with some quite extravagant apartments that are available as well. Tourists visit this area of Manhattan and enjoy it. If this area attracts your attention you may be interested in knowing the Beat Generation set up here and among the rich and famous who call the Village home is singer Bob Dylan.

The village is an easy find even though the area borders have changed as the years have passed. The lower East Side and Greenwich Village are no longer the part of the same area even though they are located somewhat close to one another in Manhattan. It is no longer the easy beatnik atmosphere but it is an interesting place to visit. You can find the village west of Broadway between Houston Street and 14th Street in Manhattan.

The adult crowd is catered to more than any other and the many clubs and bars in the area range from the cheap to the very expensive. Nevertheless it is easy to find vegetarian food that is reasonably priced. The truth is you can find just about any type of food imaginable from one of the myriad of street vendors commonly found in the City.

The Village is not known to be a place for children but you can take them to plenty of different places that do not cross over to the more adult types of places in the neighborhood. A great place to escape to with the kids is Washington Square Park and if there are no kids in tow, it is also a great place for a romantic stop with your better half.

The areas history is interesting as the area was mainly used as tobacco fields before the early European and American settlers came along and when Dutch settlers arrived they cleared the crop and it was renamed Nordwyck. A trip to the Big Apple is not complete without a visit to Greenwich Village.