Great nightboarding excursions for visitors to Key West

Those who Visit Key West can now experience the underwater wonders of the Florida Keys island chain at night during the new  Nightboarding™excursions using stand up paddleboards or two-person clear-bottomed kayaks. Launched in Key West by the  Ibis Bay Beach Resort the southernmost island in continental USA, Nightboarding™ uses the I-Lumenate’s Night-Ops waterproof LED lighting bars to light up the evening waters.

According to Chris Holland, the Ibis Bay Beach Resort owner and resident of Key West “The ocean floor comes alive at night with creatures you normally don’t see in the daytime, such as lobsters, crabs, colourful sponges and loads of tropical fish. Ibis Bay is the only place in the Keys and one of only a handful of places in the world offering this. The 3,000 lumens of white light Night-Ops light bars produce makes for some amazing sights and photos.”

Nightboarding tours launch at sunset each day from the dock of Ibis Bay’s restaurant, The Stoned Crab. The tour costs $45 per guest and lasts about two and a half hours. Participants can choose a stand-up paddleboard for one or a clear-bottom kayak for one or two paddlers.

Each tour accommodates groups of up to 10 people and includes a narrated tour by the Ibis Bay Paddle Sports local experts. Participants paddle through areas of interest including mangrove island rookeries that are home to ibis, herons, pelicans and their fledglings.

During each excursion, guides shoot high-quality photos that are available on CD free of charge when the tour is completed. Those interested are encouraged to book in advance.

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