Great ideas for holidays down under

At one time, and not so long ago either, when it came to planning a holiday we looked no further than the continent, with it couple of hours flying time to lie on the beach or lie by the pool for a week or two and come home with sunburn and a case full of duty free.

We have become more discerning in recent times however, and while the travel industry is struggling in Europe, it is booming in the kind of long haul destinations that are now no longer a dream, and are very much a reality. As far as the UK is concerned, you can’t get much further away than Australasia, yet more and more of us are trading in the 2 hour flights for 24 hour ones to experience the best of the southern hemisphere.

Holidays in Australia, whether to visit someone who has emigrated there or simply because you want to go there, are booming. It is impossible to list here exactly what there is to see and do in the land down under, suffice to say that it would go way past an article into a tome. The great thing about Australia is that even those who have never been there know so much about it that we already have ideas in mind of the must sees on our trip.

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Alice Springs, Ayers Rock, the Great Barrier Reef, the Outback, these and many-many more make up the majority of wish lists when you ask anyone where they would most like to visit in Australia. There are even tours now that will take you from one end of the country to the other and back again taking in all the top sights, exhausting, possibly buy undoubtedly exhilarating.

Across the Tasman Sea is the quieter, greener neighbour that is the two islands that make up New Zealand. The popularity in New Zealand holidays is also on the rise, and once again it isn’t difficult to see why. With two islands explore, and just a short ferry ride between the two, you can combine some fabulous sightseeing with trying out some of the adrenaline rushing adventure sports that the likes of Queenstown are famous for.

Wellington, the capital of the country, sits on the south west tip of the north island, and is a lovely place to visit during your time here. Pop into the zoo, take the cable car, or just explore this city where old meets new and make very amenable bed mates. Also on the north island are the famous cities of Auckland and Hamilton, Rotorua and Hastings, which are all worth visiting.

The south island is larger than the north but less populated, and there is much evidence of the Maori culture to be seen here. Combine both islands in your holiday to New Zealand and you truly get the both world and after travelling so far for your holiday, it makes sense to pack as much in as you can, and see as much as is possible.

Article for Qantas Holidays