Great bridge climbs around the world

The Forth Rail have just announced plans for a viewing platform, making this the latest bridge to join the growing band of bridges around the world that encourage visitors with a good head for heights to climb them and experience the magnificent views from the top. If the plans for this viewing platform proceed, with organisers tentatively saying it will open in 2015, the bridge will no doubt attract avid bridge climbers from around the world who have made this the latest must do in adventure travel.

There has been a lot of stopping and starting as a far as bridge climbs go. Brooklyn Bridge was expected to be one of the world’s greatest bridge climbs but the plans failed to reach fruition and those who attempted it caused chaos and many were arrested. It was a similar tale in San Francisco when planned climbs of the Golden Gate Bridge were planned then cancelled as they clashed with on going construction work.

As a result, some of the best, and best organised, bridge climbs are in the Southern Hemisphere, which shouldn’t surprise us considering down under is the spiritual home of all manner of adventure tourism. Those who prefer to keep their feet on terra firma can but imagine what it feels like to scale Sydney Harbour Bridge and look over the city from the top. This will fill many with horror but those whose escapades are hindered by a fear of heights will be green with envy.

While the Auckland Bridge may lack the overall splendour of its counterpart in Sydney, it is nevertheless as important to the city. Once you have climbed this bridge you can survey the view from upside down if you are brave enough to bungee jump from the top and dangle over Waitemata Harbour.