Fuel surcharges move ever higher

It is now fact that many people are finding themselves in the situation where they can no longer afford a holiday. With Thomas Cook and Thomson both announcing that they are starting to add surcharges for fuel, this will add over £100 to the cost of a holiday.

This is a lot of extra money to find, especially for those who struggled to afford a holiday in the first place. The surcharges are dependent on how long the flight is, making long haul even more of a luxury. The increase per person could be anywhere between £15 and £40. British Airways passengers on long haul flights will have to pay an extra £75-£125, a large increase. It is highly likely that other travel operators will now follow suit, resulting in less people travelling and a lot of empty seats on planes.


While these increases are unwelcome, they are not unexpected. The situation in Libya and the rest of the Middle East has caused the price of crude oil to rocket as there is less being produced. If the problems in Libya spread further afield, this situation will get even worse and the effect then on British tour operators could be devastating.