French Holiday Villa Tips

Holiday villas are immensely popular with people from all walks of life. It allows a group of friends, couples and family members to rent a luxury holiday home for duration of their holiday stay. Often the property will include luxurious spec such as private pool, private gym and large rooms that most people won’t have in their residential homes.

Health and safety – There are two essential elements to bear in mind while in France. The first is the European number 112, while the second is the EHIC card. Free phone number 112 when dialed within France will give you instant access to emergency personal. The EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) is free to obtain from the NHS. It will ensure you receive free emergency hospital access in France as if you were a local resident.

Pool safety – Holiday villas in France will often include a private pool. The warm weather for most of the year (in the popular South) will mean that water attractions are popular by means of sea or pool. Therefore safety is very important. When the pool is in use by family members (in particular small children), ensure that an adult is present to oversee its use. When the pool is not in use, cover it. If a child is missing always look at the pool area first.

Save when you can – Holiday villas can prove quite dear depending on the location and type of villa. Therefore it makes sense to try and save money when possible. Popular tips include:

Exchange money at the destination for better rate
Using a villa’s landline instead of your mobile phone
Walking or cycling instead of car hire and public transport
Eating out less often and instead using the villa’s kitchen unit

Guest article by Affair Travel.