for a holiday with a difference head to South Africa

When most people consider taking a holiday, they usually think of the same things that they do every year. Often this revolves around a swimming pool, beach and other relaxing activities such as sunbathing and eating out.

While this can be an enjoyable way to spend a holiday, people will sometimes return to their country and wonder whether they actually got an experience of the country they went to at all. Every year people will be heading to different destinations, but they largely experienced the same thing; a swimming pool and sun.

If you are looking to take a holiday that is a little bit different this year then you should consider heading to South Africa. Here you can take a safari which is a remarkable experience. If you are keen on making your safari even more memorable then it is possible to do it on a quad bike or on horseback. This is very different from the normal experience of a safari which takes place in a jeep.

As well as taking a safari in South Africa there is plenty of other beautiful countryside to see. The Drakensberg Mountains are a remarkable site with many hiking trails that are just begging to be explored. The scenery is absolutely stunning and seeing the peaks of these mountains rise up into the sky is a remarkable sight.

All-around South Africa you will also find something called Canopy Tours. These are a fantastic experience where you will be able to walk high up in the trees across wooded platforms and roped walkways. There will be expert guides who can take you through these forest walkways and they are a really great way to enjoy some of the spectacular nature that South Africa has to offer. Some of the best can be found in Tsitsikamma National Park.