Flying to Melbourne from the UK

The boom of online travel agents that have emerged in recent years have effectively made our world a lot smaller, and a lot cheaper to get to those long haul, dream destinations that for so long were just a pipe dream. With the current problems that exist in the euro zone, savvy travellers are looking further afield where they get more value for money and their pound stretches a lot further.

For those who have always wanted to visit Australia, the top country on many peoples wish lists, it has never been easier to find lower priced flights, and the key to this is to shop around. This process is made even easier by the fact you can now fly to Australia from regional airports too, so if you live near Newcastle or Aberdeen or Birmingham you no longer have to travel into London to catch your flight.

Melbourne is a vibrant, buzzing city that has so much to offer the visitor that you could easily stay here for the entire duration of your trip to Australia and still not see everything. Flights to Melbourne have become more regular than ever before, and it is one of the destinations that are served by regional airports. More laid back and relaxed than Sydney, Melbourne literally has something for everyone.

Nicknamed the sporting capital of Australia, you could time your visit to coincide with two of the biggest events in the sporting calendar; the Melbourne Gold Cup horse race or the Australian Grand Prix. This is the place to come if you have a love of the great outdoors and want to integrate this into your holiday. Often described as the epitome of the famous Aussie ambience, Melbourne will satisfy everybody’s needs.

Sport aside, Melbourne is also a great city of culture, and will welcome you into its colourful world of museums, galleries and theatres. Combine this which expansive green spaces, fabulous dining and some of the most varied accommodation you will find anywhere, you can see why Melbourne is snapping at Sydney’s heels for the title of most visited destination in Australia.

Finding cheap flights to Melbourne isn’t difficult if you know where to look. Scour the online travel sites for the best deals. Do price comparisons, see what is included in the flight prices, i.e. luggage, and you will be able to make an informed decision as to which offer the best deal. Also look for the amount of stops that are made, it is a long flight and a stop off is very much the norm, but two or three can leave you feeling very fatigued.

Make sure you also bear in mind the golden rule of travel; book as far in advance as you possibly can. Flight prices tend to rise on an almost weekly basis, and there is no such thing any more, especially on long haul, as the cheap last minute flight. Take all this into consideration when searching for your flights and you will secure flights to Melbourne that will certainly not break the bank.