Fly to Florida and Forget the Rain

With the immutable grey skies reminding us that we are locked in a bleak midwinter, and with more rain and misery to come, it is important to ensure we have more pleasant things to distract us during this cold, wet New Year lull. What better way to achieve post New Year Nirvana than with a luxury holiday to Florida, one of the most sun-dappled destinations in States?

For many, Florida is chosen as a destination more suited to the traditional summer months, when the sun is sweltering and the mercury is almost guaranteed to hit the roof. This strikes me as a bit ‘belt and braces’ – you don’t need both. Florida doesn’t need summertime to be an awesome holiday hotspot. There are plenty of ways to extract the maximum amount of fun out of the ‘Sunshine State’ during these winter months, too. Kenwood Travel has plenty of options designed to make the most of the fabulous Florida weather and rekindle your sparkle just when you need it most.

In the average-temperature stakes, Miami, with a balmy 23 degrees, leaves London’s 5 degrees in the dust. Miami may just be the perfect city to banish those annoying winter blues. Although Miami is a big draw for those seeking a slower pace of life, the city itself is far from retiring. Miami’s South Beach, locally know as So Be, is one of the hippest places on earth. Celebrities, socialites and the international jet set can’t keep themselves away. You can dance ‘til dawn or simply sit back and relax as a top notch mixologist stirs up some of the most tropical, delectable cocktails money can buy.

This art deco-inspired South Florida town also ticks the boxes for the culture vultures and boasts a fantastic selection of galleries in which to ponder things a little more meaningful than a Pina Colada. The Perez Art Museum for example, which itself resembles a stunning piece of contemporary art, is a lively and eclectic gallery and has exhibited numerous esteemed artists in its time.

Florida is of course synonymous with blockbusting theme parks, with Orlando and its environs being the beating heart of all the action. One of Florida’s most attractive reassurances is that, as opposed to some other locations where the weather is simply too wet and cold in the winter, theme parks welcome guests year round.

Orlando, home to Disney World, is still positively radiant this time of year. Daytime temperatures reach 21 degrees, which seems rather unfair to us Brits who would settle for that in the height of summer. Daylight hours average around 7 hours per day during winter in this part of Florida so there’s lots of time to hit the rides! Arguably the best thing about Orlando during the winter season is that the months of January, February and March produce a much lower rate of average rainfall than their summer counterparts – obviously comforting news when you’re at the top of a roller coaster!

If racing through the parks at Disney World doesn’t sound like your cup of tea at this time of year, then why not visit the Florida Keys? This fascinating archipelago features a rich tapestry of over 1700 unique islands to make your winter woes melt away. The weather at this time of year in the Florida Keys remains wonderfully warm and temperatures stay between an average of 21 and 26 degrees Celsius. The fact that the weather doesn’t get as uncomfortably hot as in the summer months, and that rainfall is lower than average during winter, creates optimum conditions for exploring areas such as the ever beautiful Everglades.

So, the wicked winter casts its gloomy spell over the unlucky souls who live in non-tropical climates. If this applies to you, why not book a luxury getaway to the Sunshine State? It’s family friendly and oozes romance too, so loved ones and little ones will be satisfied.  Whether it’s a cocktail and a boogie, a dose of culture, a hair-raising roller coaster ride or a blissful break to the Keys, Florida’s weather will banish your winter blues into the realms of distant memory.