Florida Theme Park tickets – How and When to Buy Them

Chances are, if you are planning a holiday to Disneyland in Florida, you are going to buy Florida Theme Park tickets ahead of time, nonetheless this can be hassle free or a real pain all depending on how you determine your planning and ticket purchasing.

When it comes to purchasing tickets for any destination, there are many things to make sure you check before you press that order button. The first and most important step of all is to plan your trip accordingly, this includes what you must see during the trip and possibly any add-ons that you can afford and would like to visit.

When considering your must see parks, it is smart to try and visit more than one park a day, keeping in mind that the longer you spend at one park the more the tickets are going to cost. Usually when buying tickets to a main theme park, you can receive add-ons as a way to get into a smaller section of that theme park for a cheaper rate. This must be considered as it means you have to split your time between the two theme parks now.

The best way to spend a relaxing and budget-friendly trip to one of the theme parks is to make sure you decide beforehand how much money you have to spend. These theme parks are known to draw in a person’s attention to con them into buying more and more, it’s what they do best and it’s how they make their money.

When you go to make the purchase of your Disney tickets, keep in mind that Disney US and Disney UK have two very different websites. Make sure you are choosing the right site depending on where you are visiting Disney. In the UK Disney offers a fourteen day or a twenty-one day “Ultimate Ticket”, which allows you to visit any theme park you want to any day, it also includes passes to their water parks and only costs a direct price of £243. With the US, they sell base tickets that include a 10 day pass to any one park a day up to 10 days and the tickets only get cheaper with each extra day added.

There are some safety tips that need to be taken into consideration when purchasing your tickets, these tips can keep your money safe and make sure that you are getting what you want and what you are paying for. The first tip is to use a credit card for extra protection as the law says that if each ticket is over $100 the credit card company is liable for anything that goes wrong during the purchasing and use of the tickets.

UK sellers have the advantage that if something goes wrong, ABTA may step in and make sure that the tickets are replaced. One very important tip is to never buy tickets from eBay, Florida Theme Parks rules state that individuals are not allowed to resell tickets.

With keeping these tips in mind and following the steps above, you can ensure that you receive your tickets for the right price. This will guarantee you a relaxing and fun-filled holiday to any Florida Theme Park and it’s attractions.