Fiji south seas heaven

Tourists are drawn to Fiji for many different reasons. One of them being the opportunity to choose the type of holiday the visitor can afford. Reasonably priced rates can be found by careful, planned booking or making arrangements in the form of a holiday package. Travel arrangements for Fiji, which is enormously popular and in high demand, need to be made well in advance.

Fiji, located in the Pacific, is made up of more than 330 islands with an extensive choice of possible holiday destinations with all types of accommodation to be selected.  The choice is from picturesque beach front resorts, 5 star hotels, and stunning luxury villas with options of budget motels. Bookings can be made in bustling resorts or for those who prefer to be quiet, secluded hideaways to laze around on remote, idyllic beaches

While Fiji’s exquisite, white sand beaches are some of the best in the world for surfing, swimming or just basking in the sun, plans can be made to go sailing, cruising or join in world class windsurfing. There are a lot of wonderful tourist attractions, with magnificent sites to visit and tours on offer that allow the tourist to absorb and travel around the very impressive islands. Hiking throughout Fiji can also be organised.

This ideal holiday destination is home to spectacular coral reefs in which tourists, and divers, are surprised at the tame underwater life. And no matter where you travel there are fun activities to choose from. The itinerary can include activities like snorkeling with manta rays or a tour can be booked to go scuba diving.

Fiji is the ideal, tropical location for weddings and the honeymoon. Many resorts offer a full choice of services from an effortless beach ceremony to magnificent weddings with all the trimmings and it is said that a wedding would not be complete without the extremely touching, traditional kava ceremony.

Through tours the tourist can visit various local villages in Fiji and participate in the many different, ethnic and traditional activities.  Many restaurants can also be visited that serve up a variety of cultural dishes while shopping is also essential where the shops sell almost any type of item from duty free objects to clothing and food. Experiencing an enjoyable time is important to making the holiday more meaningful.