Favourite Destinations for Cheap Airfares

In the past, the cost of air travel was prohibitively expensive for most families and domestic holidays were the norm. However, this has largely changed with the advent of low-cost airlines and cheap airfares.

Tourists now have cheap and easy access to destinations all over Europe and can afford to holiday in locations as far afield as Croatia and Greece. Cheap flight tickets have made most of the continent far more accessible and easy to reach and with this in mind we’ve compiled this quick guide to five of our favourite destinations for cheap airfares.
As one of the most beautiful, romantic and historic cities in Europe, Prague has a lot going for it! It’s so easy to spend days wandering amongst the city’s awe-inspiring bridges, towers, cathedrals and cobbled lanes that most tourists struggle to say goodbye to in this enchanting Central European capital. It’s also the self-styled home of European beer which should appeal to those who enjoy leisurely afternoons relaxing with a drink.
Budapest has been one of the most exciting cities in Europe for a number of years now and boasts an incredibly youthful and vibrant nightlife. It also has one of the best classical music scenes in the world and great natural attractions such as the Budapest thermal baths.
While Malaga won’t appeal to every type of tourist, for those that enjoy sand, sea, sun and the Costa del Sol, it’s a fantastic destination. Whether you’re just stopping in on your way further down the coast or spending a week or two in the city itself, you’ll find there’s plenty of attractions to see and activities to partake in.
While the city itself can be expensive to visit, you won’t have any problems finding cheap flights to the City of Light. You can’t get much more romantic than escaping to Paris and its iconic attractions are so well known that there’s little need to describe them here. If you haven’t soaked up the Parisian ambience before, it’s something you’ll have to do soon.
There is a lot more to Amsterdam than it is given credit for and anyone willing to spend a little time exploring the city will be struck by its architectural beauty, extensive canal network and fascinating history. However, there’s also the ‘other side’ of Amsterdam for those that wish to try something a little different.

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