Fancy a stay in an invisible hotel room?

Scandinavian design has a well-deserved reputation for being subtle, discreet and above all cool, and when the Tree hotel first opened just outside the northern Swedish city of Lulea it was no great surprise in the design world. Now they have achieved something at that very hotel which has made the industry sit up and take notice. A unique room has been created that blends seamlessly with the surrounding Nordic landscape.

The Mirrorcube room takes its place alongside the other 4 completely individual tree rooms, each of which is the result of a collaboration between the hotel and leading architects from Scandinavia. The architects who created this unique room were Tham &Videguard who were given the task of designing the ultimate getaway. The outside of the room, or cube, is covered in mirrors which reflects the surrounding environment and completely conceals the abode amongst the landscape that envelopes it.

This masterpiece was not without its teething troubles however as the main worry was birds constantly flying into the mirrors. The solution, which has the room invisible to humans but not to birds, was to cover the mirrors with infrared film, and the word is there has been no collisions thus far. It is pretty stingy to call it a room to be honest as a suite would be a better description considering it contains a huge bed, a lounge, a bathroom and a rooftop terrace from which to admire the views, and pose for the inevitable Japanese tourists snapping away at the person levitating amongst the trees.

The hotel itself stands at 4-6m above ground level and can be accessed via retractable stairs, a ramp and a bridge. Other room options include The UFO, which resembles those retro flying saucers seen in old sci-fi films, The Bird’s Nest which, unsurprisingly, looks like a nest The Cabin, which is effectively a roomy shed that has been wedged between enormous tree trunks to keep it in place.