Family Holidays in Hurghada – Egypt

Located on the coast of the Red Sea, Hurghada is Egypt’s second largest city. It was founded early on in the 20th century and large investments and growth in the 1980’s mean that today it has become one of the leading seaside resorts of the region.

There are three divisions within the city, El Dahar (downtown), Sekalla (the city centre) and El Memsha (the village road). El Memsha is the most modern area within the city, and is where you’ll find the largest bazaar as well as the post office and bus station. Sekalla is where most of the hotels are, and El Dahar is the oldest part of the city.

Hurghada is a vibrant and exciting place to visit for a holiday, and it’s suitable for people of all ages which makes it an excellent option for family holidays. The city lies between the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea and the wonderful open sands of the desert making it possible to enjoy both jeep safari out into the wide desert sands, as well as diving or snorkelling in waters that are teeming with sea life. It is also close enough to both Luxor and Cairo that day trips to both are easily accessible.

Close to the shore in this region, there are a number of islands that are popular. Giftun is one which many visitors enjoy visiting for snorkelling and a barbecue of local fish. Other islands you could take trips to here include Shadwan, Shaab el-Erg, Shaab Abu Shiban Abu Ramada, Abu Mingar and Umm Gammar. There are many opportunities to swim, sunbathe and enjoy various other water pursuits amongst these interesting islands.

The hotels in the Sekalla region of Hurghada include many luxury five star hotels as well as the simpler more traditional Egyptian guesthouse. Many look out over the wonderful sandy beaches here and all are of a generally high standard. Most hotels offer a wide range of cuisine including some traditional Egyptian foods, and locally produced drinks.

There are lots of UK travel operators who offer holidays to Egypt which means that there is a great deal of choice in travel options and where you can depart from. Most holidays that you book to Hurghada will include flight, hotel and transfer and then allow you to choose your board type – full board, or part board. Fights from the UK to Hurghada only take around 5 hours so very little of your holiday is spent travelling, leaving more time for the pleasure of relaxing once you’re there.

This area of the Red Sea enjoys wonderful weather with sunshine all year round and average temperatures well into the 30’s in the day with mild nights. Hurghada is quite young as a resort city, but because it has grown quickly, the nightlife here is well formed and there are many clubs and bars around as well as plenty of hotels that offer evening entertainment too.