Exploring the Rivers Rhine and Moselle on a relaxing river cruise

Over the past few years, river cruising in Europe has reached new heights of popularity. When you consider the magnificent waterways which flow through the continent, it is not difficult to see why. There are two rivers in particular that lend themselves very well to river cruising; the Rhine and the Moselle. Both if these offer travellers a feast for all the senses with the diversity a cruise which combines both these rivers offers.

Outstanding Roman ruins, romantic castles, lively cities and wonderful wines are just a few of the treats awaiting you. Relax and marvel at the unparalleled beauty on the banks of the Moselle and relish the chance of stepping off the boat into a fairytale as you explore the cobbled streets of ancient villages. Experience the vibrancy of Amsterdam or drop into the Rhine-side taverns from where the famous German beers originated.

Wine lovers have found their Utopia on a Rhine and Moselle river cruise. Relaxing Rhine cruises have long attracted wine fans, and the fact these have now been incorporated with the Moselle you have the opportunity to sample wines from two of the biggest and most well respected wine producing countries in the world. Taste exceptional Rieslings in Germany then the French equivalent in Alsace, the only French area allowed to grow these grapes.

During your visits to both the vineyards and the wine producing villages you will get the chance to speak to the artisans who produce these outstanding wines. Even connoisseurs don’t know everything, and those who appreciate the fine vintages of will enjoy learning more about their favourite tipple. Likewise, those who simply have a colour preference when it comes to wine will be fascinated to see the journey the humble grape takes from the vine to the glass.

Relaxing Rhine river cruises are nothing new, in fact, this was the first European river to introduce cruising. This was a stroke of genius as any fan of river cruising will know, you can see hidden gems from the water that simply aren’t visible from land.  Now that these have been extended to include the Moselle, one cruise gives you the chance to experience the delights of no less than 5 nations; Germany, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

These 5 combined offer a wealth of history, art, architecture, spectacular landscapes, diverse cultures and, of course, food and drink that is a real feast for the palate. These cruises appeal to a vast range of travellers and those who enjoy eating and drinking, are aficionados of art and lovers of nature will have the time of their lives cruising the romantic Rhine and the mouth-watering Moselle.

Those who want to take it a step further can book themselves onto a special interest cruise. These include creating the local delicacies of the country you are in, painting what you are admiring or having an expert guide to tell you more about the impressive architecture you will be visiting. When there are trips such as this available where you are privy to so much, it seems nonsensical to settle for a one centre holiday.