Exploring the islands that make up Hawaii

If you are coming to Hawaii for a holiday you will find that all of the islands have a different style and flavour so you will want to find one that suits you the best. Maui is probably the most well-regarded of the islands when it comes to tourism as it has some of the most stunning beaches, not just in Hawaii, but in the whole world.

One of the best ways to explore this island can be by car and you will be able to drive down its long highways through incredible rainforest and be blown away with the natural beauty of this place. The highways through the jungle here are quite remarkable and you will really feel as if you are on an adventure, while remaining in the safety of a well maintained road.

One of the most spectacular things you can see in Hawaii is climbing up the Haleakala Mountain, which stretches up to 10,000 feet, and enjoying a sunrise. Many people consider this to be a spiritual experience and even if you are not spiritual, by climbing up this mountain you will understand why because the view is quite remarkable.

If you are interested in doing some surfing then you should head to Honolua Bay, which is a popular surfing destination for both tourists and locals. A lot of the time the surf here is impressive and you will find that many people are out on the waves.

There are some days where it is impossible to surf, but you don’t have to worry as this means it is an ideal opportunity to do some snorkelling in the calmer waters. You will also find that after a day on the beach and in the ocean that there are plenty of restaurants and bars lining the beach for you to relax in.