Exploring the Fjords of Norway

Norway has much to offer in terms of its charming setting, appealing snow-capped scenery and quaint villages, built in a relaxing style that immediately sets guests at ease. It’s a tranquil nation and epitomises much of what makes Scandinavia such a popular holiday destination.

The Fjord at Ornes by LASZLO ILYES
Attribution-NonCommercial License
Norway’s fjords are found towards the western regions of the country and are made up of large, looming valley inlets surrounded by attractive countryside, glacial formations and hillside villages. The landscape has been shaped by nature over the years, producing something of utmost beauty and many cruises operate in the area, offering tourists some of the greatest sights on Earth.

There are many cruises to choose from run by international cruiseline companies like Celebrity cruises as well as local operators for those who wish to explore this majestic region and one of the most impressive regions is definitely Lysefjord. The rocks surrounding the fjord are incredible and include the renowned Preikestolen, a massive cliff that overhangs the fjord at 6000ft above. It’s a stunning image and tourists flock to it each day to get a priceless photograph.

Just as impressive is Geirangerfjord, a very big fjord which is also protected by the UNESCO corporation due to its size and glacial formations which really offer visitors something a little different. There are trails around the fjord perfect for experienced hikers but as there is a lot of ice covering the ground, it’s strictly for seasoned pros. Guests are treated to snow-topped mountains and charming villages such as Geiranger.

There are two fjords, Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord, which lie so close to each other that many tours of that area usually incorporate both of them for maximum practicality. The many snow-capped mountains lie in the backdrop, creating a perfect surrounding for tourists to enjoy as they serene through the crystal-clear lakes and there are also a selection of national parks in this area, the prominent ones being Jotunheimen, which features some of Norway’s most peaceful wildlife, and Jostadalsbreen.

Finally, Nordfjord is a great journey to potentially undergo as it’s in the same area as Sognefjord and though it isn’t great for tourists to go off and walk on due to its icy conditions, it is quite stunning with many of the glaciers seeping down towards the ocean, exhibiting some of nature’s finest work. This area, which does get very cold, sees a lot of snow all year round and has been known as a perfect location for budding skiers as it features friendly slopes and amicable resorts.