Explore the UK – 5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Bed And Breakfast Style

Bed and Breakfast accommodation is part of our UK heritage and whether it be a town house in a popular seaside resort or alternatively a cottage for a family holiday in Ireland, it is a very popular way of holidaying. So for those of you who haven’t ventured into the world of B&Bs, then here are 5 great reasons why you should.

Great breakfast

As the name suggests you get breakfast included in the price of your stay. Unlike hotels where you generally have to pay extra for it, the breakfasts that are served you in a reputable B&B far outweigh those served in other hotels.

Good chance to meet other travellers

There is a good chance that there will be other people staying in your B&B particularly if it is one that is well recommended. This being the case, having breakfast together is a great opportunity to chat about where the best places to visit are, where they would recommend, etcetera. Staying in bed and breakfast establishment presents a homely like feel that you don’t necessarily get when you stay in a hotel and as a result, you probably wouldn’t be so forthcoming with other visitors.

Great customer service

It is fair to say that most B&B’s are owned by individuals who will take an interest in how their guests feel, and as a result will often go that extra mile to make sure that their guests are well and truly happy. Whereas in a large hotel the staff are sometimes less concerned about the guests overall contentment.

You can travel off the beaten path

Bed and breakfast accommodation is often situated in small communities and rural areas where you can get a feel for the real community, whereas hotels are generally more centrally located. As a result you might miss seeing interesting places and scenery that you can discover when you travel to a rural B&B.

More spacious

Most hotels (unless of course you are staying in a penthouse or suite) will give you a relatively small room with a TV, a bed and a desk. As a result most people don’t spend too much time in their rooms. Alternatively, staying in a bed and breakfast means that you are likely to get a spacious room as well as other areas of the house that you can enjoy. In addition some B&B’s have really nice gardens that you can enjoy.

Bed and breakfast accommodation can be comfortable, good value for money and enjoyable and if you haven’t considered it when holidaying in the UK, then maybe you should.