Experiencing the romance of Italy

Italy encompasses all the factors that give romance a lustre all of its own. The country offers a lot of places for spending a memorable honeymoon though of all of them, nothing perhaps can surpass a honeymoon spent at Sardinia.

Honeymooners do love to spend time looking at serene and soft sights. Sardinia with its cobblestoned walks as well as long beaches has the right mix of view to transport the honeymooners in a dream world. What makes Sardinia even more special is that its not a much frequented place, something that would suit honeymooners craving for privacy in their journey of united ecstasy.

There is the northern coast of the island which has Costa Smeralda with its infrastructure to captivate tourists for honeymooners who prefer the exclusive set up in their travel routine. This place is frequented by celebrities today so honeymooners would have the chance of getting in close contact with such people to talk back home about.

The place is unique, for it has the presence of the old and new alongside each other. There is Cala di Volpe where this mix and match of tradition with modern set up can be very well experienced. The city overlooks the bay which for honeymooners is something that triggers their senses of the romantic kind.

While Sardinia maintains it’s out of the place serene touch, there is no dearth of facilities and features necessary for tourists. There are good hotels including private villa and guest houses that are generous in the accommodation facilities.

All these accommodation areas are close to the beach which is most favourable for the honeymooners. The variety and range of facilities that the places have on offer while maintaining their touch of rich traditions and heritage of the past is something that honeymooners will love to get associated with.