Experience a New Life Visit Morocco

‘Experience a New Life’ is a slogan that has been adopted by an advertising campaign for Visit Morocco, which is encouraging people to visit the country. The idea behind the advertising campaign is that it is very easy for you to step into a new type of life by visiting the country, and leaving your rather dreary and boring life behind.

A video which is being broadcast on YouTube shows a video of a man who steps from a dull and grey world, very much like in England in winter, into a sunny place, that seems to be the direct opposite, which represents Morocco.

The advertising campaign also involves the idea that you can prolong your summer by visiting Morocco. The country, which is located right in the North of Africa, is remarkably close to Europe, but does offer a very different climate. The weather in this part of the world is much hotter and the summer lasts a lot longer.

In the video, the grey scene is shot with factory chimneys in the background billowing smoke out into the sky, whereas instead, in the sunny location, there is a pool and palm trees. The advert also suggests that Morocco is a great place to escape from work, as the man in the original grey location has papers, but once he is in the warmer location, is instead holding a camera.

There are a great deal of popular attractions in Morocco, such as the Atlas Mountains, or the incredible city of Marrakesh. Because the country is located so close to Europe, it is very easy to fly here for a surprisingly affordable price. This will reduce the whole cost of your holiday, which will be a very appealing proposition in these cash-strapped times. Overall, Morocco is a great destination to come to if you are looking for some warmer weather close to home as the winter starts to set in.