Exodus to a different kind of holiday

If seeing penguins waddle by or taking in the desert from the back of a camel sounds like your idea of a great time then it may be time to look into what Exodus has to offer those in need of an adventure holiday tour this year.  Winner of many prestigious travel awards over the course of 2010 the 35 year old adventure holiday company has just as much fun cooked up this year for those with a thirst for discovery and adventure and just enough life in them to give just about everything a go.

Included in itinerary list for Exodus’ adventure holidays are stops on all seven of the continents, yes that’s right, even Antarctica.  Whether you like the idea of taking an arctic voyage through the frozen tundra and then disembarking onto a ski jet so that you can really get up close to the penguins and walruses, or would prefer to head over to the jungle and take a mountain trek on wheels that you will never forget, Exodus has pretty much something for everyone on every continent up to offer.

One of the nice perks of booking with Exodus is that they can match your definition of ‘adventure’ with the appropriate level of thrill as they offer great trips for those in optimal physical health, those who truly want to be scared and amazed at the same time, and those who simply want to get out and see the natural wonders of the world.  With adventure tour possibilities for families and young university students eager to try anything Exodus can match you up with the adventure of a life time.

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