Estonia a new tourist destination

Located in north-eastern Europe with borders to Russia and Latvia is Estonia, which is a country with a unique natural environment and a wonderful number of small towns located throughout the country each with their own character. There are many fantastic attractions in Estonia that any visitor would delight in seeing.

Built by the architect Niccolo Michetti, the Kadriorg Palace was built as a place where the nobility and rich people of Russia would come to in the summer. Today the palace has been turned into a museum and art gallery but is also the place where the office of the President can be found.

The National Museum of Estonia can be found in Tartu and is mostly dedicated to the agricultural and peasant life that was once the countries primary industry. There are some fantastic farmhouses that have been recreated in the museum and details of the clothes that the people used to wear. Visitors will be pleased to find that everything has excellent descriptions in English.

In Tallinn, visitors will find the Open Air Museum which is located just outside of the old city. Here you will find over 70 buildings which date back to medieval times. It will give visitors an idea of how hard times gone past were for Estonians.

Tallinn is the capital city and in the heart you will find the old town which has wonderful cobbled streets and many mediaeval alleyways and homes. Around the ancient wall that surrounds the city are many beautiful parks which are a very enjoyable place to take a walk in the summer. The city became a world Heritage site as designated by UNESCO in 1997.

Sailing is a very popular activity in Estonia and in the summer the weather is perfect for it. There are numerous ports all around the country which provide good facilities for people wanting to take a sailing trip around Estonia. On the border of Estonia you can find one of the largest lakes in Europe. Despite its enormous size the depth of the lake is relatively shallow, with the deepest point being just 15 metres. This makes it a fantastic location for fishing and other recreational sports.

St. Olaf is a church that has a fascinating history dating all the way up to the modern-day. In recent years, the church was used as a lookout for KGB spies when the country was occupied by the Soviets. The view from the spire, which was utilised by the KGB, is spectacular and is open to anyone who wants to climb up the stone staircase. The views from the top are definitely worth the long climb up the stairs.