Emerging economy tourists disappointed when they visit France

France is the most popular tourist destination in the world, but a recent study that has been conducted by the economics ministry in France has shown that people who are coming from emerging economies are not finding the country as satisfactory as they expected it to be.

Interestingly, only half of those who came from emerging economies including China, India, Russia and Brazil, found that the country lived up to their expectations. Indian people were those who were most disappointed with the country. The study highlighted that France has failed to adapt to the expectations of tourists coming to the country.

Despite these apparently negative figures, most people were satisfied with their trip, even if it did not live up fully to their expectations. Interestingly, countries which have been visiting France for a long time tend to say that they are satisfied with their trip more than those who are visiting for the first time.

The study seemed to find that one of the main reasons why people are not satisfied with their trip was because the Hotel let them down. The country has said that in order to improve the experiences of these tourists coming to the country they need to improve the hotel situation.

In addition to this the study highlighted that shopping was also something that did not live up to people’s expectations. The main problem with these expectations not being met is that France risks losing return tourists. These are often a very valuable market and if people come to the country and are not satisfied, they are not likely to return.

People from emerging economies are generally very good for the economy in France because they tend to come on holiday and spend a lot of money shopping. If France loses this regular custom, it could have a negative effect on the overall economy.