Discovering the islands of Thailand

Thailand is a country that is particularly famous for its tropical beaches and there are many different islands that are part of the country which you can visit while you are here. There are a few islands that are very popular and most touristic because they are known for being very good.

Despite being a country that is very popular with tourists, it is still possible to find parts of it that are undiscovered. There are several islands which have not yet been properly discovered by tourists and remain relatively in their natural state.

One of the best of these would be Ko Chang, which is a national park located in the east of Thailand close to the Cambodian border. This is the second largest island in Thailand and it has recently undergone a great deal of development targeted towards tourists. It is thought that this is going to be the next majorly popular tourist destination in the country.

The island has white sand beaches and impressive coves contrasted with pristine rainforests found inland. There are waterfalls, mountains, and coral reefs to satisfy any nature lover. There are also great nightlife options on the island which is helping it to become a very popular destination. If you really want to avoid all the tourism, then it is best to head to the east of the island. Generally there are no crowds here and very little development has taken place.

Another great island to visit would be Surin National Park, which can be found off the West Coast of Thailand, around 60 kilometres out. Here you will find amazing snorkelling and diving opportunities, as well as the opportunity to go fishing. This island is particularly popular with those tourists who want to avoid the tourist traps associated with the rest of Thailand.