Discovering the best that India has to offer

India is one of the most attractive travelling destinations in South Asia. It is an enormous country with a huge range of tourist facilities and fascinating sights to see. In this article we are going to look at some of the best options for taking a holiday in India.

One of the most popular types of holiday is going to be a holiday in the hills. There are some hill stations in the country which are particularly well-known including Kashmir, Manali and Shimla. These are all destinations that are very popular with travellers and will ensure that you have a holiday that you don’t forget.

These are just the hill stations in the North and you will also find that there are similar hill stations in all other parts of the country. These are perfect if you want a holiday were you are going to be spending time outside in refreshing mountain air.

If you are particularly interested in doing some wildlife tourism then you’re going to be delighted by India as there are a great number of wildlife sanctuaries. You will also find that the country has many national parks as well as bird sanctuaries and tiger reserves. For wildlife lovers India is really a treasure trove of opportunities and you should definitely not leave your camera at home because you’re going to see some fantastic animals.

If you’re wanting to spend time at the beach then India will also be able to cater for you. One of the most famous beach destinations in India has to be Goa. Fort Kochi Beach is an incredible place where you will be up to relax in stunning weather, but also have the opportunity to explore some of the wonderful culture in this Indian state. There are many fascinating temples very close to this beach.