Discovering the ancient cities of China

Beijing is one of the largest cities in China, and is also its capital. If you are coming for a holiday here you will find that there are a huge number of places of interest as you would expect for the capital of such an ancient country. One of the most notable attractions in the city has to be the Temple of Heaven, which is certainly one of the most incredible sights you will see while in Beijing.

Xian is an ancient city in China that is also worth visiting, and the city is circled by an ancient wall, which really makes you realise how ancient this place is. There are four main attractions in the city including The Bell Tower, the Islamic Mosque, the Provincial Museum, and the Drum Tower. All of these are exceptional examples of Chinese architecture, and are well worth visiting while in Xian. As you would expect from China, there are numerous temples in the area dedicated to Buddhism, and these are also worth visiting.

Another place that ranks high up on any list of places worth visiting in China is Guilin, which is a city that is particularly famous for its neon lights. In the evening, everywhere becomes illuminated with these bright and cheerful colours, which really turns this place into an incredible nighttime site.

This is a very idyllic place, and if you choose to visit here you are going to come away with memories that last a lifetime. There are also some caves nearby that are also worth visiting, and there are many guided tours being run to these which will be very informative.