Discovering Lombardy, the Lake District of Italy

One of the most amazing places all over the world is Lombardy – a district of lakes which is located in the Northern parts of Italy. This beautiful area attracts people from every corner of the world annually and it can be found between Milan and the Alps. So if you are currently planning a vacation to Italy, then it would be great to know that this is the place you need to go for sure.

If you are planning to visit this place for the first time, you need to pay attention to the following lakes: Garda, Maggiore, Como. They are definitely well-known and most visited among others. If you have more free time then you might want to go and visit Lugano, Iseo and Idro as well. The first three offer a wide variety of water sports and due to this fact you will have the chance to do some boating, sailing, windsurfing, water skiing and even kite surfing.

The largest lake of all is Garda and it is also considered as touristy. Most of the vacation offers take place at this lake. There you can visit Sirmone – a peninsula at the south part of the lake. Plus you should definitely pay attention to the Scaliger castle since it is the most famous attraction of the town.

The second most famous lake is Como. Typical for it, is the beautiful terrain and surroundings. The most famous town here is Bellagio. You can also take a look at the extravagant houses around the lake itself.

Lake Maggiore is the third most popular lake. It is recommended to people who enjoy outdoor activities and natural experience. Decades ago, Maggiore was the favorite place to royalty and nobles. They were coming here in order to enjoy the nice nature. Lake Maggiore also hosts lots of music festivals and movies during all those years so if you are a fan – you should definitely visit it.