Discover the haunted attractions of Pennysylvania

You may not be aware that Pennsylvania is haunted, at least in some spots, and proud of it. There are more haunted attractions than you can shake a bone at, and of course Halloween is the perfect time for shivery autumn weather to match the ghostly ambiance. Check out a few of the possibilities for a haunting good time.

At Gettysburg you can take a 16-mile ride on a beautifully refurbished 1932 rail car, passing by and through some famous sites with a narrator telling historically ‘accurate’ ghost stories about supernatural events, mostly based around the time of the infamous Battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War. It is a fun trip and it won’t scare the kids too much.

If it’s real horror you’re looking for, try the one touted as America’s largest haunted attraction, Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary. The Gothic structure was an infamous prison that held the likes of Al Capone, (and others even more fearsome) but it was left to crumble in decay about 40 years ago. Scare-master and creative director Jason Ohlsen has turned it into an authentically terrifying experience; this one is guaranteed to scare the daylights out of kids and parents alike.

Terre Hill Haunted Trail is a quarter-mile walk in the park (Terre Hill Park in ordinary times) designed to accelerate your heart rate in more ways than one. Special effects provide the ghosts and ghouls, plus live actors to make sure the action and the chills are non-stop. There’s even a haunted hayride that gets you back to the main pavilion in only ten ghastly ghostly minutes.