Cruising in Laos

When cruising through Laos, visitors will experience passing through Mekong or the “Mother of the Water.” Mekong stretches for 2,700 miles. It touches the Tibetan plateau and rests on Vietnam, then flows straight into the South China Sea. Along the way, the flowing water still goes through some of the most unusual terrains on the planet, such as the South East Asian treasure troves of Burma, the tropical province of Yunnan, Cambodia, Laos and also Thailand.

One exciting spot that travellers will appreciate during the journey is the Mae Nam Khong or “the Mother of Water.” Here you will also find the point where Thailand, Laos and Burma meet. This place is better known as the “Golden Triangle.”

On the Thai border where the town of Houei Say rests on Laos, Luang Say, a converted barge from history, is dressed up in style. On both sides of the town is a carpet of lush green vegetation, which runs close to the river, a common view in the area.

Even though this is a famous tourist spot, there are still certain parts of the river where a boat may have problems when it comes to navigation. Visitors will be introduced to the kind human dwellings in the area. Wooden houses on stilts simply rise through the trees and provide an interesting view. Agricultural land displays rows of fertile soil with planted crops. Elephants occasionally peek through and bring delight to tourists who eagerly captures this special moment on film.

From the barge, it is easy to spot a hotel. The La Folie Lodge opens its doors to visitor who are looking for a pleasant place to stay. The place offers a dozen decorated bungalows in its local surroundings.

There’s also a bar where tourists can get a fix of their alcoholic beverage. The lodge also offers a swimming pool where visitors can enjoy a leisurely swim after a day of travelling through Mekong. You may also enjoy this adventurous journey through Mekong, simply check out this travel site for further details: