Cornish camping holidays hit the right spot

If you are one of the many who look back at camping holidays from your youth which consisted of hours struggling with tent poles, cold showers and less getting back to basics and more roughing it, then you are going to get a real surprise if you haven’t been camping in the UK since. The general consensus it that you either love or loathe camping, but those who fall into the latter category tend to think this way due to bad experiences they have had in the past.

Rain dripping through leaking canvas and burnt sausages belong in those bygone days, as modern camping is about the most fun way to spend a holiday, whether you are going for a weekend or for a week or two, You don’t even have to sleep under canvas if you don’t want to as glamping is one of the most burgeoning areas of British tourism, and sleeping in pods or yurts gives you the best of both worlds in that you have the freedom of a camping holiday but with a few more home comforts than you would normally expect.

It is also a great way for those with a limited budget to be able to get away as a family, and as the window of time when kids actually want to go away with their parents is getting progressively shorter, these opportunities should not be passed up on. This kind of holiday, where everyone mucks in together and gets to discover new and exciting places creates the kind of memories that last a lifetime, those that your children will tell their own kids in years to come.

You can go camping virtually anywhere in the UK, and while the weather isn’t vital when it comes to having a good holiday, it certainly helps if you are looking to go exploring. Campers know that if you want to get the best weather on offer in Britain then your best chance is to go camping in Cornwall, where the often glorious weather teams up with the numerous attractions on offer to make the complete holiday.

The hardest choice you will be faced with is deciding which of the numerous top quality campsites that there are in Cornwall to go to. If you want a camping holiday with a ton of activities on offer should you want to stay put that day then you should have a look at the major holiday parks which invariably have an area set aside for campers and caravanners, and some also have permanent tents in position which makes life so much easier, especially if you want to leave the car at home and travel south by plane or train.

Cornwall is unique in many ways, not just the fact that it is steeped in myth and legend, but also in the way that the old and modern blend together so seamlessly that it’s hard to believe that the modern, vibrant cities are just minutes away from quaint, picture postcard villages. If you have never been to Cornwall then there has never been a better time to discover for yourself what all the fuss is about.