Copenhagen’s new museum district attracts visitors to it’s green gardens

Thanks to the launch of Parkmuseerne visitors and tourists to Copenhagen can enjoy walking through the parks and lush green gardens through a plethora of museums. The new museum district attracts visitors with interests in art, nature, history and film. Parkmuseerne consist of six participating museums: The David Collection, The Filmhouse, The Hirschsprung Collection, SMK (National Gallery of Denmark), The Natural History Museum of Denmark and Rosenborg Castle.  The museums are all within walking distance of each other,  and this spring Parkmuseerne are launching an advantageous combined ticket. 

Parkmuseerne is a museum district in the center of Copenhagen, and is home to the largest and most important collections of artefacts in Denmark. Here visitors can experience the very best that nature and art has to offer. Spend a whole day in the parks and the museums. For example, you can choose to take a historical tour through the highlights in Parkmuseerne : At Rosenborg Castle you can explore the Crown Jewels and the Danish Crown Regalia, which sparkle in the treasuries. Next door at The Natural History Museum of Denmark visitors can experience historical specimens such as the world’s biggest meteorite and the beautiful mineral halls.

Are you more interested in art?
Parkmuseerne houses world-class collections of Danish and international art at SMK (National Gallery of Denmark), The David Collection and The Hirschsprung Collection. Enjoy masterpieces by Matisse, Mantegna, Købke, Hammershøi, the Skagen painters and a significant Islamic collection. Parkmuseerne also has its own cinema – The Filmhouse – which offers a rich repertoire of Danish and international films. Parkmuseerne is a cultural package of adventures, which suits every taste. Take your time, soak in the atmosphere, and enjoy the reflections prompted by the various settings.

It’s a walk in the park
Visiting the museums also prompts guests to visit the parks: the King’s Garden, the Botanical Garden, and the Østre Anlæg Park. The green area creates a haven that allows visitors to slow down, take a rest, visit playgrounds, and enjoy a light meal – or a cup of coffee in the surrounding cafés and restaurants. The old and historical parks add an extra dimension to the modern museums visitor – and it encourages the visitors to relax in the green heart of Copenhagen.

Six museums – one ticket
On the 24th of May, Parkmuseerne will launch a new ticket, which makes it easier to visit the museum district. The ticket provides admission to all six museums: The Hirschsprung Collection, SMK (National Gallery of Denmark), The Natural History Museum of Denmark (Geological Museum), and Rosenborg Castle, a free cinema ticket to the Filmhouse and a 10% discount on publications at The David Collection. The ticket costs DKK 195 and is for sale at all six museums.

Parkmuseerne is supported by Labour Market Holiday Fund.