Come to Ecuador for the scenery, stay for the people

Ecuador is not a place that has been recently discovered. Charles Darwin took to the seas for his own voyage to the Galapagos Islands in 1835 and in more recent times Western mountaineers have been scaling the Mount Chimborazo peak in Ecuador.

For adventurous types, Ecuador means different things to people with different interests. If you’re a climber then the aforementioned Mount Chimborazo with its peak of over 20,000 feet holds a particular challenge for many. But if you want historical cities, there are few better in Ecuador than Quito.

Quito with its old town is known as the biggest centre with significant history across the Americas. It also shares the distinction of being the first city to be stamped as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The place itself spans over 800 acres, so you can walk around for days exploring the streets and never travelling down the same one twice. Colonial buildings with tile roofs, ancient structures with thick impenetrable walls, and incredible varied skylines make this place enchanting for those of us who enjoy historical visuals over dull uninteresting modern cities.

The smaller city of Cuenca is also a delight for visitors with its blue domed “new” cathedral, which began construction as recently as 1880, and the colonial architecture that abounds in this area.

Of course, one of the newer developments is the cocoa growing industry that is making Ecuador one of the leading places for chocolate. Move over Belgium and Switzerland, Ecuador wants in on this “black gold” industry and is in it for the long haul.

Outside of the cities, the Amazon rainforest with their bio diversity and incredible eco systems also attracts many visitors who take tours into these areas to see more of this unique location.