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Try to avoid planning your visit for the summer period

If your perfect getaway is in Europe, it is important to know that the prices you pay will depend largely upon certain seasons. For example, going to Paris or Vienna at Christmas will be a tough job for your wallet but periods before and after these traditional holiday dates will significantly lower the cost of your holiday.

Many choose to go to Europe in September because the weather is still relatively good, but the prices are much lower. But the issue of weather conditions is an important one as well because the period between October and March is the coldest in Europe and if you are not willing to pack raincoats, scarves and boots then this period is not for you. But maybe you want to re-think your attitude towards weather conditions because the prices are probably best during those months.

The main wave of tourists in Europe is of course in summer, starting from early May to the end of September/beginning of October. But the prices on tickets and accommodation rise dramatically during the summer season, so if you are after cheap flights to London or low cost flights to Paris, try to avoid planning your visit for the summer period. It will also allow you to experience the city in a less crowded time, as tourists tend to be at their maximum in July and August.

The cheap flights are at their lowest in February, March and in early April. But keep in mind that getting the best deals on flights and accommodation doesn’t mean that all the attractions you came to see will be functioning in these months, so make sure to check everything prior to booking, in order to avoid any disappointment.

The time of day you choose for your flight can also influence the price you pay and experience you get. If you prefer evening flights, you are in a bit of trouble because evening flights to Europe are usually very busy because of businessmen/women travelling back and forth for work. If you do find a ticket available for an evening flight, you have to prepare yourself for some long queues, peak hour traffic and agitated people next to you.  The same applies to very early flights but mornings are usually slightly calmer than evenings. So you are advised to book flights in the middle of the day to get a good price and a calm experience.

If you have some flexibility then try to choose to fly to Europe in Autumn or Spring, and on weekdays from Tuesday to Thursday.