Caravan holidays in Devon for this summer

Even if you have only seen photos of Devon you cannot have helped but notice how beautiful it is, but once you have visited the south west county you will be blown away by how much better it is when you actually experience it for yourself. There is so much to see and do in Devon that if you are travelling as a family you will never hear the dreaded words “I’m bored”.

The numerous resorts are a seamless blend of traditional and modern, and the stunning beaches and miles of rugged moorland make it a holiday destination you will want to keep returning too time and time again. Devon has always been popular as a tourist destination, but the recent trend for holidaying in the UK has seen it undergo a resurgence of interest, and the area is becoming more and more appealing every year.

Counties such as Devon, and neighbouring Cornwall, beg to be explored, and there is no better way of doing this by giving yourself the freedom that comes from booking a caravan on one of the many great holiday parks in Devon. There is everything you could possibly want from a holiday on these parks, from the accommodation to the activities and entertainment; no family will have anything less than a great time on a park in Devon.

If you haven’t been on any caravan holidays since you were a kid then you are in for the biggest, and nicest, surprise possible. Modern vans are spacious and comfortable with large living area, full kitchens, and modern bathrooms with showers and toilets.  These mini homes even come complete with televisions and DVD players, not that you’ll want to spend much time watching either with so much to do outside.

Swimming pools, adventure playgrounds, organised sports, top quality evening entertainment, you could spend your entire holiday without ever leaving the park. This is all well and good but you are missing out on an awful lot by doing this as opposed to using the park as your base for the holiday. Nevertheless, there are thousands who do exactly that every year and come back full of stories about what a great holiday they have had.

Whilst there are parks in all areas of Devon, those on family holidays tend to favour the ones on the coast, giving them easy access to the gorgeous beaches. The parks here are of the highest quality and run by companies whose names are synonymous with top end holidays.

As well as the beaches there are numerous coves and bays to discover, many of which give a welcome from the busier beaches and are perfect for a family to spend quality time together as well as enjoying the best weather that the UK has to offer. Whichever park you choose, and whether you choose to stay on it or use it as a base, your caravan holiday in Devon will be one that neither you, nor any of your family, ever forgets.