Car breakdown cover is as important as your passport when driving abroad

So you have made your decision to take that driving holiday around Europe you have always promised yourself. Your cases are packed, your important documents are all in place, you have a wallet full of Euros and the car has been serviced. This should be the time when you can relax and count down the hours until you hit the open road and discover the side of Europe you have wanted to see.

Everyone who is going on holiday leaves the house with that little nagging doubt that they have forgotten something, and 9 times out of 10 times it is something irrelevant that can easily be done without. If that little something is international car breakdown cover however, then you could be making one of the costliest oversights you could ever imagine, and that dream holiday could quickly become a disaster of epic proportions.

The fact is that cars are like every other major thing we own, everything can be excellent one minute, then conk out the next. To risk travelling across the continent without adequate breakdown cover is complete madness, and has actually been stated in divorce papers as the reason for the relationship breakdown thanks to both the financial and emotional fallout that followed your car being towed off a French motorway, leaving you skint and stranded.

This could all have been avoided by going online and finding yourself a good car breakdown policy that covered you overseas and means that, should the worst happen, your holiday won’t be ruined. It is a common misconception amongst drivers that their UK breakdown cover is still viable abroad, wrong. This should be purchased as a stand alone policy for the duration of your time away, much like travel insurance.

It doesn’t just cover the car, but also the passengers in terms of finding them accommodation in the area the breakdown has occurred if the fault can’t be fixed instantly. Make sure you go with a reputable company, many like to stick with the one they use at home, and read the small print to make sure you are getting the cover you want and need, and that great deal really is too good to be true.

By spending just a few moments to check this out before you leave home, purchase it, print it off, and put it with your other documents, you will save yourself money, time, heartache and really will be able to relax and look forward to your driving holiday abroad, bon voyage!

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