Canary Island Holiday Ideas

The Canary Islands are a great all year round destination
The Canary Islands are many people’s idea of a dream holiday getaway. A massive advantage is that these Spanish islands is that you can plan your visit at any time of year because the warm year round climate is fairly predictable.

If you are planning on visiting more than one of the islands in this small Atlantic chain it is generally more economical to select one place for arrival and departure. This is because it is quite practical to make use of cheap flight arrangements to one of the main islands and then make use of ferries to easily reach the other nearby Canaries.

Deciding on a base is not difficult to get around as all of the main islands have their own airports. Tenerife, Gran Canaria, La Palma and Lanzarote, are the islands that take international flights from mainland Europe, as well as long haul flights from other parts of the world.

It is even possible to make use of the local versions of budget airlines, since the Canaries have their own budget, no strings, airlines that can whisk you very quickly from one island to another. Binter Canarias are one of the main local airlines. The big advantage of making use of these airlines is the fact that their tickets sell at very similar prices to those of the ferries making the same trips.

Ferry companies plying the routes between the islands include Acciona Trasmediterranea, international giant Fred Olsen, and Naviera Armas, very generally speaking a one-way ticket for an adult will come in very similar to the local airlines rates.

You can start your trip at any of these islands, all of which offer every kind of accommodation from very basic hotels, timeshare options (visit right up to resorts offering the very best of 5 star holidays, making travelling around convenient, as well as suited to every budget.

All the islands offer their own individual charms, and although they are close to each other, each island has a very different personality, and offers a different holiday experience.

For example Gran Canaria can offer visitors the chance to climb a live volcanic crater, as well as offering a large number of wonderfully clean and attractive beaches, there are also extensive rolling sand dunes inviting visitors to lay back and enjoy a thoroughly relaxing day.

Tenerife, on the other hand is the geographically largest of the Islands. Here you will find probably the widest range of activities on any of the Canaries. For example Playa de Las Americas can heady nightlife, but the other end of the island Santa Cruz offers a far more traditional town, with lots of local style entertainment and food.

In the Northeast corner of the islands is Lanzarote, with its magnificent beaches and a wealth of easy-going nightlife, as well as local and international cuisine. Playa Blanca is one of the most popular destinations on the island offering a serene and thoroughly enjoyable holiday stop off.

Nearby Fuerteventura can offer a wealth of natural beauty including several national parks that offer a wide selection of nature’s beauty, and a chance to really get away from it all, this is a relatively undeveloped tourist island favoured by those who enjoy a quiet few days of relaxation.