Buenos Aires is a must when you visit South America

Buenos Aires is a very popular destination with people who’ve come to visit South America.

Over the last few years it has gained a significant reputation as one of the best places to visit on the continent and is popular with both local people and foreigners alike. One of the reasons it is so appealing is because it is a wonderful mix of the old and the new.

The city has a certain European vibe to it and this is not just because many people from Europe choose to live here. It has a sophisticated and classy feel which is not usually seen in other parts around South America. Despite being rather European, it certainly has its own feel, and there is no doubt in a visitors mind that they are still in Argentina.

Argentina is famous for its fantastic beef, and in the city there are numerous fine dining locations where you can enjoy a spectacular meal. Coffee is also very popular here and there are numerous coffee shops serving it up strong and delicious. Ice cream is also very popular here and can be bought in numerous places around the city.

Buenos Aires is also well-known for the tango and it is easily possible to find dance lessons in the city. Many of these are often offered for free and if you have had an interest in learning this type of dance, then it is something well worth doing while in Buenos Aires.

The San Telmo Market is a unique experience and on Sunday there is a fascinating antique fair held where you will be able to find a huge number of interesting items. It is not just about shopping however and there are numerous artisans serving up interesting food, musicians playing, and street performers putting on all sorts of acts.

Eva Peron is one of the most famous people in the history of the country and if you want to learn more about her then you should visit Museo Evita. This is a place that features her work and is both Argentinian and European. For those who are interested in museums it is also well worth going to the Museum of Fine Arts in the city.

Although Buenos Aires is a busy city, there are some opportunities to experience nature while in it. One of the most popular attractions are the Zoological Gardens which cover over 45 acres near the centre of the city.

If you want to head a bit further outside the city you can visit Temaiken Park, which has many animals from all across South America. If you are interested in visiting a botanical garden then you should go to Jardin Botanico Carlos Thais, which has a huge collection of plants from every corner of the planet.

Buenos Aires has two main tourist seasons, the first is between March and May and the second runs from September to November. There are many festivals the run during these times and they are also the periods when the weather is better.