British holidaymakers travelling to Greece over Turkey and Tunisia

Despite the doom and gloom surrounding the Greek economy, the volume of British holidaymakers travelling to the country is expected to grow in 2016 – most probably at the expense of destinations such as Tunisia and Turkey, travel retailer Holiday Hypermarket predicts.

As the financial crisis was taking hold, there were fears among many in the industry that tourists would stay away from Greece due to fears over a lack of personal financial security, cancellations and limited recreational services.

However, data compiled by Holiday Hypermarket for the first half of 2015 showed that is volume of sales to Greece had increased to take up around 20% of its overall sales, pushing it ahead of other trouble-hit countries such as Tunisia and Turkey.

“Greece has always been one of the most popular destinations for British holidaymakers and 2014 was a record-breaking year for British tourism to Greece with tourist arrivals at the country’s airports above 3 million. It’s very heartening to hear that British holidaymakers are finding the country as welcome an experience as it ever has been,” said Holiday Hypermarket representative Ian Crawford.

“It seems clear that Greece is replacing Tunisia and Turkey for many travellers, and that should be no real surprise. The financial crisis hasn’t impacted tourists at all. Our customers are always quick to tell us how much they love the country – we see that every time we mention it on social media.”

Despite this positivity, Crawford warned that increasing demand could in fact push prices up as competition for hotels and resorts increases.

“We’ve seen some estimates that prices could climb by as much as 15%,” he added. “We think this is pretty overblown, but a marginal increase does seem to be on the cards.”