Britain’s Got Talent…So Why Are We Emigrating?

The UK is known throughout the world for being one of the best places to bring up a family, find a career and for being filled with everything you could possibly want for a successful life. However, around 350,000 people are leaving every year for pastures new in foreign countries ranging from the far afield such as Australia and the UAE to the likes of Portugal and Spain in mainland Europe.

Despite the numerous benefits of remaining in the UK such as the quality of education available to give just one example, people are drawn to the variety of benefits associated with living overseas. For instance, people are buying properties from agents like Portugal Property because they favour the more relaxed lifestyle associated with the Iberian region, and the tax-free salaries offered in the Emirates especially within the emerging industries like oil, construction and tourism.

It goes without saying that one of the obvious reasons for moving out of Britain is down to the weather. Unfortunately, we’re just not fortunate enough to have the climate that the likes of the UAE, Australia, parts of America and even sections of mainland Europe can offer and with heath problems such as stress and depression often associated with the poor weather, it’s perfectly understandable that many move away for warmer climes.

The overall quality of life is believed to be better overseas, with a recent study undertaken by the Daily Mail revealing that nine out of ten Brits who had moved overseas were happy with their decision, and that life was much less stressful than it was for them in the UK. One of the main reasons for that is a financial one with the cost of living in countries already mentioned, like Portugal, Spain and the UAE offering much cheaper lifestyles (admittedly, the UAE is known for being expensive but the tax-free salaries goes someway to countering that).

A lot of skilled professionals have decided to take their skills overseas, opening up the possibility for higher roles in foreign companies. For instance a lot of trained medical professionals look to move abroad to find opportunities for progression in a hospital overseas, taking on managerial roles or positions as department heads. They have also found the working hours are much lower and the pay is either exactly the same or better, meaning that they can go to work for less time and make more money – even if there isn’t a direct pay rise – and they are much less stressed because they have the time to go home and relax in the evenings giving them that chilled-out lifestyle they crave.

Debbie Fletcher is an enthusiastic, experienced writer who has written for a range of difference magazines and news publications. Follow her here: @Debbie_Fletch18