Bodrum in Turkey, a great place to holiday and live

The town of Bodrum in Turkey is not only becoming a great place to visit, it has also recently started becoming a popular destination for expats looking for a new lifestyle outside of England. As an area of great climate, investment potential and lifestyle, this historic town has been blossoming of late and it is beautifully located on the Aegean coast.

The town used to be called Halicarnassus of Caria and was home to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The Mausoleum of Mausolus was eventually disassembled by Crusaders but many of the original marble blocks that comprised the monument can still be found at Bodrum Castle. Bodrum Castle, alternatively called the Castle of St. Peter, was built in the 15th century is a great example of Crusader architecture.

Bodrum Castle is a great tourism draw card to the town and it has recently been expanded to include the Underwater Archaeology Museum. Not only is this a very interesting tourism attraction but the site also provides a great venue for events during the year.

Bodrum has only recently started developing into a place for people to have second (and in many cases) first homes. Traditionally a peaceful fishing village, Bodrum has developed a reputation as a home and centre for artists of all types. This reputation has recently started to grow as a result of the influx of writers, artists, poets and singers to the area.

Due to the climate which is very pleasant all year round, Bodrum is a popular place to visit for Turkish holiday makers as well as foreigners. Not only is yachting, fishing and other ocean activities extremely popular, but golf is starting to become the pastime of choice for visitors. Indeed, the demand is so high that golf courses and golfing estates are be planned and an explosion of these is imminent.

The town is very conveniently located and it is easy to travel to the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Additionally, the town is serviced by a domestic and an international airport so travelling to and from the town is very easy. The close proximity of Istanbul also ensures that travel to the area is uninterrupted and easy.