Best Places to Go Walking In the UK

If you are an avid outdoors person, the bustle of the city can easily make for a stressful lifestyle. It’s essential to take a holiday once in a while, and what better way to do so that than by taking off a few days or week for a relaxing retreat?

You can easily reserve yourself a cottage in the mountains or by the coast so that you can get back to the simple pleasures of life. This kind of holiday is the best way to cope with stress, but where should you go?


North York Moors

This national park in North Yorkshire is home to one of the vastest stretches of greenery in the UK and offers breath-taking scenery, including a coastline view, stunning cliffs and historic small villages. North York Moors is well-established for walkers with worn footpaths, but the surrounding scenery is relatively undisturbed, providing walkers with a prime seat to witness centuries of rich history. Consider reserving one of the many beautiful Yorkshire cottages available in the area so that you can take the time to walk as well as visit the popular attractions, like its castles and ancient burial mounds.


Isle of Anglesey

If you can manage it, try taking a walk around these historic walkways and paths. Tracing the perimeter of the largest island of Wales is a feat that usually takes two weeks and spans 125 miles, but well worth the experience. If you like variety, you can find it here; the Isle of Anglesey has everything from wetlands to lush farm pastures to shrub-dotted beaches.


Isle of Iona

This tiny island is a real hidden treasure, and offers you the perfect haven for a memorable holiday. Once here, you should visit one of the popular Sykes Cottages overlooking some truly beautiful scenery. Though its terrain is hilly, the walk can be done at a leisurely pace in just one day. As you follow the coast of this 5-mile-long island, be sure to linger at the famous tourist destination of the abbey graveyard, where you can visit the final resting place of John Smith.

Northern Ireland

Eastern Mournes

If you are a mountain hiker at heart, the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland is one of the best locations to take a break. The opportunity to learn every kilometre of this elevated terrain is solidified by the sheer number of well-worn paths that run through the area. While the western side of the mountain range offers the same kind of trek at a lower altitude, true adventure seekers will want to stick with the Eastern Mournes to make the most of their break.