Bermuda little Britain in the sun

Bermuda is a set of islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean, near the eastern coast of the United States. Officially, Bermuda is British territory and while in the past it was mainly inhabited by pigs, now it is a magnet for tourists and thousands of British emigrants choose to set up their homes there.

The Bermuda is rated as the best vacation and honey moon destination and tourism is the biggest industry on the island. The breathtaking views which the island offers can’t be seen anywhere else in the world and anyone who has ever visited Bermuda knows that this is one of the most unique places on Earth.

If you are wondering where to start your vacation at, then Hamilton, Bermuda’s capital is the perfect starting point for your journey. Hamilton is prepared to meet tourists from all around the world and the hundreds of restaurants, pubs and shops will make sure that you are entertained.

There are many things that should be seen in the capital city, but the Bermuda Anglican Cathedral is certainly a thing you shouldn’t miss. Other places you should visit are the Fort Hamilton, the serene Barrs Park and the National Gallery. And if you visit Bermuda during the summer, you may have the opportunity to attend the Harbor Nights party.

The St. George island is an essential part of the Bermuda and this is the only attraction which is constantly full of tourists. The World Heritage center located at the island’s center is also an interesting place to visit and you won’t be disappointed if you spend some time there.

The Town Hall, King’s Square, Old State House, Carriage Museum, Horse Tavern, Bridge House and the Somers garden are some of the other things which deserve your attention. All of these attractions represent different segments of the Bermuda’s history and you’ll learn many interesting facts about this island.