Bargain Hunting in Leeds

A wise student knows that their money is limited. Yet the urge to spend is always present so the key question is how to spend the money effectively. For students at Leeds Trinity University buying or finding a cheap bargain not only gives you the thrill and knowledge of knowing the money you’re effectively saving on the price, but also keeps the cost down, giving you more money for your everyday expenditure.

In order to be a spend thrift; it helps to know where to look. Mainstream shops and centres are available, but tend to stick to the RRP and rarely sell below a certain limit. By extending your reach to more independent stalls and markets, you can find much better deals. If it’s still not cheap enough, you can always negotiate with the seller or look around. These are freedoms that aren’t offered in the typical mainstream shop.

Additionally, the merchandise and items available are much more unique. Whilst you can find the regular clothes and branded items, finding something that is individual makes it all the more personal and rewarding.

The Main Shopping Area

The White Rose shopping centre is the main shopping district in Leeds. This is where the main brands are based and the regular chain shops are held. Whilst there are often sales and student discounts, there is little room for bargains or treasure finds here. Likewise, the Victorian Quarter has a lot of fashionable brand names. Depending on the store and seller in question, these may be at reduced cost but given the nature of fashion, the best items are still going to be expensive.

On a student budget, you may find yourself running out of money if you confine yourself to the traditional methods of spending. This area is good if you know what you want, but it doesn’t offer anything unique. There are charity shops, however, if you feel like rummaging through second hand goods, as you never know what you might find.

The Alternatives

If you prefer to save money, or want to venture somewhere more interesting and exciting, than Leeds has a number of locations. Not always in the city centre, it pays to walk off the beaten track somewhat to reach these independent hotspots.

Primarily, Leeds has a strong market scene. Both the Queens Arcade and Granary Wharf are host to independent retailers. The Queens Arcade may be cheaper than the Wharf, which now hosts a number of restaurants and cafés, becoming a slightly more expensive experience. However, the uniqueness of the shops here means that it’s always worth visiting regularly if you like to shop.

Furthermore, there are various markets that appear throughout the year. Sometimes they are closer to the city centre, but the likes of the Wharf once again provide an alternative out of town. Additionally, there is often a vintage fair held at Leeds Student Union annually. Usually held around September, this is similar to a charity shop, in that you don’t know what you’re going to find or for how much. This all adds to the excitement.

In summary, Leeds is a very diverse city; if you stray from the city centre and head towards one of the other hotspots for shopping you are sure to have a very different and unique experience. The fact that you can save money or simply buy more doesn’t hurt either.