Bamboo Island in Cambodia

Bamboo Island, near Phi Phi, is one of many stunning tourist destinations in Cambodia, and whilst all of the surrounding islands near Phi Phi have something to offer visiting tourists but Koh Pai (Bamboo Island) is said to have something truly special.

The island is uninhabited so it offers tourists the chance to see the most unspoiled, pristine beaches. This is one of the reasons why Bamboo Island is said to be the most relaxing spot in the whole of Thailand.

Bamboo Island often experiences the same weather patterns as Phuket, although the two areas are not that close. The best time of year to travel to Bamboo Island is between October and March when the climate is warm but there’s not much rainfall. During April and May, the island can become too hot and humid to enjoy properly, the temperate is approximately 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Later in the year, during June and right through until September, the temperature lowers to around 90 Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, there’s a much higher chance of rain during these months so trips to the area are often avoided. However, this is the time when tourists often get the best accommodation deals. Just because the weather reports say that there’s 80% chance of precipitation, this doesn’t mean it’ll rain all day or every day.

There are a variety of excursions and day trips to Bamboo Island and it’s impossible to be bored while there. Two popular activities that take place nearby include snorkelling and diving, but there are also other island adventures to be had.

Perhaps one of the reasons why marine activities are so popular here is because Koh Pai is surrounded by a number of colourful coral gardens. Staghorn coral, sea fans and leopard sharks are just some of the things you’ll come across here. Divers can also enjoy the area because the currents are weak and there’s high visibility plus the water temperature is fairly warm (typically between 27-30C).

For a peaceful getaway that offers breathtaking scenery and plenty of excitement, Bamboo Island is the perfect place to visit. You can get to the island by taking a speedboat or a longtail boat from Tonsai. This island, 700m across, has the best beaches in all of Thailand and a beautiful coral reef. The reason that there are no inhabitants is not because the area lacks beauty.