Australia has a surprisingly small population considering its size

On a geographical scale, Australia is a huge land mass measuring 7,741,220 sq km, but has a population of only around 20m. The main reason for this is that so much of the terrain is wild and rugged and unsuitable for colonisation. This island country in the Southern Hemisphere closely neighbours New Zealand, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Indigenous Australians, known as Aborigines, have populated the country for over 42,000 years and today’s Aussies are not all descendants of the criminals that were incarcerated there when it was a designated penal colony, as is commonly thought, and many immigrants have made their home here over the past couple of centuries.

The country consists of 6 large states; Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania, an island off the coast. Due to the diversity of both its culture and landscape, Australia is great for all different kinds of holidays, but one of the most popular is to Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. This is worlds biggest collection of barrier reefs and it attracts thousands of visitors a year.

Those who travel here can either stay in an apartment or a beach villa and snorkel or scuba dive through the Great Barrier Reef and experience some great, unforgettable water fights. Another huge tourist attraction is Ayers Rock, or Uluru, which is in the Northern Territory. This amazing rock is made of sandstone and is sacred to the locals, and visitors feel privileged to witness this incredible land mark up close.

The nearest town to Ayers Rock is Alice Springs, and is the best place to stay when visiting this area. There are numerous bed and breakfast accommodations here to give you a good nights sleep after watching the sun set over the rock, and no trip to Australia is really complete without visiting this fascinating landmark with its far reaching history.