Asian Adventures for an Alternative Holiday

Asia is a beautiful part of the world. An Asian adventure is a great alternative holiday, steeped in ancient history; various cultures, colours and food are fascinating and delicious. The views are breathtaking and the people very friendly. Many countries in Asia provide you with cycling, trekking and volunteering opportunities. The experience s one you will certainly never forget.
Cycle tours in Cambodia
Cambodia in South East Asia is growing in popularity; however, it is still not very crowded by travellers. There are many places to explore and discover. Cycling is a popular and inexpensive mode of transportation In Cambodia, making cycling a great way to experience the country in an authentic way and contribute to local communities. On a cycle tour, you’ll experience the traditional way of life in small villages with rice fields and wood cutters. You are also able to cycle to and around the biggest draw to the area, the ancient Angkor temples. Unbeknown to many, Cambodia has great beaches, hiking trails and spectacular sceneries. A trip here is an extremely rewarding experience.
Travel through Russia on the Trans-Siberian Train
Russia is the largest country in the world. So, it’s not surprising that travelling there will expose you to varying terrain, from hilly plains to mountainous villages or forests. One of the most interesting ways to experience parts of this great country is the Trans-Siberian train. There are three possible routes, one of which has you travelling from the Capital city of China, through Mongolia and ending in Moscow. The main highlights of this trip include: the incredible Russian landscape, the mountain scenery and villages dotted along the way and the Great Wall of China.
Explore India
The subcontinent of India, with its varied landscapes and ancient culture is on the bucket list for many travellers. There is a wealth of sights to see and lifestyles to experience. Whether you are looking for a historical tour including: ancient, colonial and modern architecture; or something more spiritual on a yoga retreat, learning about the local religions, you are bound to have an incredible and rewarding experience on a trip to India. More adventurous travellers will find that trekking through mountains and jungles, interacting with the abundant lifestyle and navigating the canals in the South are an action packed way to discover the country.
Discover South Korea
The distinct season changes and mountains ranges make this small country a great place to visit. Whether you are skiing in winter, hiking among the gorgeous spring blossoms or gorgeous autumn, there is an activity that is just perfect for you and your family. The friendly people and their adventurous spirit make this part of Korea fun and entertaining. Additionally, a trip to Jeju Island, the newest additions to the wonder of the world list, will provide you with many eco-tours on foot and on bicycle around this ecologically rich volcanic island.

There are many places in Asia that are yet to be overrun by tourists and it is easy to get a cheap flight there with major airlines like Thai Airways, Emirates and Lufthansa. So, consider Asia on your next trip while it’s still quite and pristine.