An introduction to Majorca

When you take a holiday to Majorca you have such a wide range of things that you can see and do during your stay. Magaluf is famous for its non-stop party atmosphere whilst the lovely plains and countryside walks and views of Es Pla make it a really popular destination for tourists who love walking tours, . In addition to this there is also the area of Palma that is a very diverse area and offers some of the best tapas lunches in the country. So, there really is something for everyone on this beautiful island!

For those who like to explore, a holiday to Majorca is definitely the best place to go. The capital of the island, Palma, has so many sights and attractions that you simply won’t know where to start- there are loads of wonderful museums and historical buildings such as cathedrals and castles or you could simply have a relaxing day in a cafe by the harbour and watch the day go by. The capital isn’t the only place to be, however, and you’ll find so much more to do in the rest of the island. Why not take a glass bottom boat ride in Calas de Majorca? Or go to Soller to see the lovely botanical gardens there?

Aside from sightseeing you still have lots left to do on your Majorca holiday, and eating out is one of the best ways to get right into the culture of the area. Seafood is so popular in Majorca, as is tapas and when you go to Palma you’ll find loads of great traditional restaurants and cafés whilst further afield in Magaluf and Palma nova you can experience other cultures as well with a diverse range of restaurants serving greek, Indian, Italian and even Chinese food!

Beaches are what make Majorca so popular and the north of the country has beautiful sandy shores whilst the east has some great pebble beaches. Puerto de soller has a very diverse range of beaches and there is a mixture of sand and shingle beaches all down the coast. Cala D’or is perfect for those who want to find a beauty spot and the long stretches of sandy cove areas are so popular with tourists. The best way to ensure that you see all the best of Majorca is to make sure you look into renting one of the many villas in Majorca that are open to tourists, and you’ll be able to find lots of travel companies that will offer you luxury villa rentals at affordable prices so that you and your family, or your partner if you’re looking for a luxury villa for two, can be right in the centre of a town of your choice so that you can truly be at the heart of the culture.

Villas in Majorca aren’t just for the tourists it seems, and celebrity royalty such as Catherine Zeta Jones and Andrew Lloyd Webber both have their own villas in this beautiful country – so look out, you might be in for some autographs!